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Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery start-up Zomato is to launch its IPO in First half of Indian Stock market in June 2021.

The Delivery startup Zomato is set to raise $500 Million From its Upcoming IPO, this will help the company to reach the valuation of $5.5 Billion.

Infoedge owns 27.6% of zomato, 23% shares owned by Any Financials, While Uber owns 9.99% of Zomato share Holding.

Other investors in Zomato are Delivery Hero, Glade Brook Capital Partners, Saturn Shine, Shunwei Capital & Vy Capital.

Zomato IPO Details

Launch Date of Zomato IPO is to be Declared soon. But Zomato IPO is…

Best insurance policy for Covid 19 , best and cheap covid insurance policy, Corona Kavach Vs Corona Rakshak

In view of covid-19 IRDAI has launched two health insurance policies Covid Kavach & Covid Rakshak. Both the scheme is to be mandatorily launched by all the insurance companies.

The Terms & Features will remain the same in every insurance companies of these two schemes except its premium which can be decided by the insurance companies themselves.

IPO / January 31, 2021 / 5 minutes of reading

Here we are Discussung about the LIC IPO Open and close Date, Price band at which LIC IPO will come and Its detailed Review.

Life insurance corporation is the oldest & major insurer corporation of India, having the Market valuation of approximately 10 Lakhs Crore.

LIC IPO will be the Largest IPO of the Indian history, as the Government Will sell its 10% — 25% stake of the PSU in free floating market.

The main objective of disinvestment in LIC & to bring LIC IPO is to suck the money…

IPO Subscription

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